Great Cross-Training:

Football, basketball, tennis, and soccer players easily transition to the sport and find that it enhances skills and muscle group for these sports. No sport does a better job of training jump mechanics than volleyball.

Fast-Paced and High Flying:

Take the best parts of basketball and tennis and you have volleyball.

Have Fun:
There’s a reason people play volleyball at parties and events. When was the last time you saw wrestling or lacrosse played at a friends and family get together?


Boys Volleyball

This winter NVVA will provide several opportunities for boys to join the growing game!

Why should you try boys volleyball?

While volleyball has its fair share of minor injuries (e.g., sprains, strains, and scrapes), volleyball has one of the lowest injury rates of any sport and ranks near the bottom for concussions (well below soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey, wrestling, baseball, and football).

4-5 one-day tournaments (within driving distance)

2 practices a week (Wednesday and Sunday)

20 weeks of practice

60 total hours of court practice

1 NVVA certified and trained coach

2 practice shirts

2 jerseys

1 backpack

NOVA League Program Details

Program Fee: $1900

Listed below is everything included in the program fee including coaches stipend, tournament registration costs, and uniform. Items not included are tournament transportation and international travel costs.

Complete the CHRVA 

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Tryout for a Boys NOVA team to become part of this amazing program.


Download and fill out the 2020 CHRVA Medial Release Form. You will be able to upload this to your registration.


Registering for Try-Outs


Are you ready to play?

We are looking for you!

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